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This home is packed with everything your family needs, with one main bedroom, three children’s rooms as well as a media room

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How Can A Discount Real Estate Agent Save You Money?

How Can A Discount Real Estate Agent Save You Money?

Like lawyers, a discount real estate agent gets a lot of negative press. It is easy to assume that they are out to steal money from us. It is false. It is actually a horrible example of stereotyping. It is clear that an estate agent representing a property management company can help you a lot, and even help you save money.

If you find this alarming, we will tell you how you can save money and time.

Bound By A Code Of Conduct

Let’s first explain why you should be safe around an agent.

NRA (National Realtors Association) is a national association of real estate agents.

Although not all agents are legally required to join the association, those who pledge to conduct their businesses honestly and transparently will be. The buyer can refer an agent to the association if they are accused of wrongdoing. They can also take appropriate punitive actions against the offender.

You can approach the agent openly and have a discussion with him about everything. He will guide you and help make the relationship mutually beneficial.

Let’s see how discount real estate agents could help you save money.

time is money

They will save you time

Time is money, they say. Selling a property can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Selling your home requires more than just a few listings. You should always be available for potential buyers.

It will be difficult to do this with everything you do at work. A realtor can be of great value because he will handle the clients for you.

Negotiation is an Art

This art is not for everyone. Guess who is? It’s the real estate agent. Because he’s been doing it for so many years, he knows the ropes and it’s his primary job.

He is fluent in technical jargon and knows which points are important and which to emphasize. He will present them like a chess player making his moves. He will deal with clients better than you.

Familiarity with the Local Laws and Regulations

Property cannot be considered an isolated entity. There are many laws that govern the existence of property, and not all of them can be. Although a realtor isn’t a lawyer, he knows about these rules because it’s his job, and deals with them every day.

He can help you determine whether your house is suitable for commercial use or what permits you will need to make structural and material changes. All of these issues can be addressed by him.

Market Knowledge and Information

Property management firms have access to many listings. People list their properties with them in the hope of selling them at a higher price. Although your information might be limited to just a few websites or word-of-mouth, the agent has all the details.

He can help you find the right buyers or show you properties that match your needs. This makes the entire process much easier and faster.

home inspection

They will assist you with your home inspection

You may not be able to see the problems in a new house. This is because you need to have both knowledge and experience. A realtor is able to see the inside of a property and can provide both knowledge and experience that you may not have.

He is able to assist you greatly with your home inspection. Because he is familiar with the technical men involved in such jobs, he can get the repairs done quickly and at a reduced rate.

Rely on the Realtor’s Networks

An agent in real estate knows many buyers and sellers. He is well-placed to help buyers and sellers. He can predict which buyer will prefer which property. These connections are very useful when searching for customers.

It is not necessary to wait for a response before listing your ad. It would be easy to find the right realtor.

Proper pricing is the key to quick selling

It is important that you ask for a fair price for any property. You will lose buyers if you ask for a price too high.

Asking for too low of a price can result in a loss and can also make sellers suspicious. A professional agent can help you negotiate the best price that is fair and acceptable.

They will showcase your home like no other

A realtor can tell you everything about your house, even its faults. The same applies to the location. He will highlight the property’s good points and its location. He can also minimize the property’s negative aspects and drawbacks. People approach him because he is well-trained to do this.

Get rid of the uninterested buyers

Agents will help you filter potential buyers. Many buyers will not be qualified and are just looking for the opportunity. These buyers aren’t really looking for anything, but they are simply asking for information. The agent will go through all offers and choose the best.

Keep track of all documentation

The purchase or sale of a house can be a complex process that requires you to adhere to specific laws and regulations.

This includes the preparation of documents that will be used for record-keeping purposes and to submit to different agencies. It is best to have a discount real estate agent who knows all about it.

real estate agent


These are just a few of the many ways that an estate agent can benefit you when you hire him to help you sell your house. Although there are many benefits to working with an agent, we have focused on the most important and obvious ones that will provide financial incentives.…

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Best Places to Retire in Coastal Georgia

From the untouched untamed wilderness of Cumberland Island to the charming historic squares of Savannah, Georgia’s Atlantic coast charms visitors with amazing history, the awe-inspiring scenic beauty and bountiful experiences. No matter what time of year you visit, make time to visit Georgia’s beautiful Atlantic coast. Whether you want to see the fall foliage or witness the winter snow, Atlantic beaches are a sight to behold.

Cost of Living

Georgia is a low cost of living state which is located in the south-eastern part of the country. Even Savannah, Georgia real estate is extremely affordable despite being in high demand. The low cost of living in Georgia allows its people to enjoy many luxury aspects including a great tasting cuisine, state of the art hotels and other such amenities which give it an edge among other southern states. Low-income earners who reside in this state can also avail the State assistance so that they can take care of their basic needs. There are many educational institutions as well as professional organizations which provide education and help to low-income families so that they can lead a comfortable and happy life.


If you love the beach, Georgia has some of the most beautiful beaches in the nation. Located along the Georgia coast between the Indian River and the coastal plain, these cities offer some of the finest Atlantic Ocean beaches in the country. Historic Milledgeville, Blairsville and Savoy hotels, along with historic beaches like Topsail Island and Barks Island, beckon tourists to take a trip down the memory lane. Surfers paradise, family attractions like Bulldogsback Mountain and historic Greystone Forest, and outdoor activities like fishing, ATVing, and kayaking are some of the reasons to visit this part of Georgia.

Family Appeal

The beautiful Georgia Atlantic Coast is a great place for a family vacation. Take advantage of this coastal treasure by taking advantage of all the activities and events that are available for you to enjoy. The main counties in the area include Blairsville, Dorrance, Columbus, Effingham, Kishkoo, Washington, Blount, and Lauderdale. Treat yourself to a quiet getaway at your own private cottage, house, or hotel on the beautiful Georgia Atlantic Coast. From a luxurious cottage for two to an economical guest home for eight, Georgia Atlantic Coast Vacations has a variety of locations and styles to fit all of your holiday needs. With activities like fishing, sunning, swimming, golfing, hiking, biking, tennis, fine dining, shopping, night life, and so much more, it will make any vacation a truly memorable one.

The Atlantic Ocean flows through the entire length of Georgia and gives plenty of reason for visitors to plan a trip down the East Coast. A trip to the East Coast starts in the small town of Blairsville, where visitors can explore historic downtown Blairsville and take in some wonderful historical sights. Some of the activities you can enjoy here include historic river cruises, wine tasting, live entertainment, fishing, swimming, hiking, beaches, golfing, and so much more! No matter what your interests are, you will never be short on things to do or places to see when you visit this ever-changing destination.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the Georgia Atlantic Coast is from early May to late June. Here you will find the island’s most well-known attractions including the Historic Savannah Site, Bailey Farm State Historic Site, Bailey Farm Entertainment Area, King’s Island Park, and lots more. Activities like kayaking, dolphin watching, and the island’s annual Dog Show put this region on the map of travel destinations. No matter where you travel to, you will never be short on activities and things to see when you visit this historic savanna.…

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Top Notch Advice on Dealing International Real Estate

Before the net actually existed, brokers went through a difficult time acquiring potential investors from afar.

And another part of the real estate sector most often overlooked is the international client.

Foreign buyers bought $153 billion of USA residential real estate in the twelve months through February 2017, a jump of nearly 50 percent through the last twelve months and above 10 % of the market by sales volume! That is as stated by NAR’s 2017 Profile of International Activity in U.S. Domestic Real Estate.

Adding to the appeal of this large and expanding market segment, all of these transactions present agents a big payday. A significant portion of international buyers and sellers are wealthier global elites looking for promising opportunities and elegant vacation homes.

And yet including the foreign trader to your repertoire will not be as straight forward as finding these people is generally difficult.

Reaching this sector of the industry nevertheless will involve overcoming various obstacles such as language and currency to name a few. Generally though a lot of foreign buyers aren’t going to invest in to a country without at least some sort of research and having strategies in place to reduce any language issues.

And language issues is certainly a consideration for Costa Rica Real Estate dot COM (CRREC), a top ranked agency in that Latin American nation.

We deal with international buyers/sellers every day of the year and understand the important role end to end translations play in any successes in international real estate transactions.

One example is, China — a nation with a vastly differing culture, language and property as an investment protocol versus the USA — dominated the USA foreign market with $75.6 billion in activity in 2017, virtually half of all USA real estate sold to international buyers that year.

Right now you are probably wanting to know how to pierce this really profitable sector of the real estate market.

CPROP’s end to end digital exchange management system is designed to present real estate agents to international leads and encourage them to securely and close deals with full transparency.

The start-up utilizes blockchain to authenticate and report activities connected to deeds and closing documentation. It hopes to construct a formidable, user vetted trained network by offering its utility tokens to buyers and sellers who will also leave scores and reviews of the agents and other professionals they employ on the platform.

Technological advances is definitely crucial for virtually any deal from beginning to end. Listed here are a few methods a real estate professionals can break in to this highly profitable and expanding sector of the business.

Work With A Transparent International System

Now don’t go believing it is going to be easy to get in to the international real estate segment. You shouldn’t be thinking you’re going to be getting rich right away instead of comprehensively investigating where on the net these types of communities might exist. Once you’ve located them you will have to hedge inwards and gain confidence within the international real estate buyer network.

Yet another thing you are going to want to check for is parts of the web with service providers that also allows automatic language translations.

“We couldn’t do without our on-the-fly translation application here at Galvan [Real Estate Services Agency]. It has become a critical element in our daily operations as we deal real estate throughout the globe.” says Puerto Vallarta real estate rentals professional Robert Newcome.

Think Confidence And Stability

As the old saying goes, long distance relationships hardly ever last, but in this instance they can and do you just simply have to get ready particularly when it come to cross language communications.

Know that inside each international real estate deal there has to be inner security and external trust factors to tackle to assure consistent deals.

One of the most effective tips on how to secure transactions lies with blockchain technology. Block-chain tech permits safeguards at degrees never realized before this. Real estate deals when written utilizing this technology, are cast for good in the encrypted shield and blocking any updates to the contract from going undiscovered.

Furthermore, agents incorporate the use of intelligent contracts to perform escrow, which supplies a secure system for investors to put up serious funding.

Locate Responsible, Efficient Cooperation

Every single realtor knows, even concluding regional contracts are usually a struggle, however when you venture in to the global real estate buyer/seller markets, this may be even more true.

Do you know what your transactions state in real-time, what’s left to complete and who should next do what in the process?

This all being said, wouldn’t you accept that an all inclusive online digital transactions SaaS software made to support foreign real estate transactions from beginning to end, be described as a welcome addition to all real estate brokers? Procedure transparency simplifies communication, frees up broker time and relieves everybody’s mind.…

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Things to Consider When Venturing in to International Real Estate

As real-estate matures more all over the world with the improved transparency and impact of the constantly evolving internet, realtors have immense opportunities to capture valuable international, cross country business that they did not until now have access to.

And so real estate agents have come to trust significantly on the Internet for a number of things however this is especially the situation with discovering possible international real estate investors.

Bearing in mind the information from 2017 we know that foreign real estate investors accounted for around $153 billion of the overall sales in the American market which subsequently was an upturn of the previous year of a massive fifty percent. Similarly this signifies ten percent of all domestic real estate deals in the USA. And if the National Association of Realtors (NAR) is proclaiming the aforementioned figures then surely you must agree that the international client is deserving of consideration whenever selling real estate.

Because agents taking part in foreign buyer dealings tend to profit larger earnings only contributes to the attractiveness of this section of the market. Yet another thought here is the actuality that so many international investors usually are high net-worth individuals wanting to increase their wealth by making informed investments outside of their nation of origin.

Even so seizing this highly profitable marketplace is a challenge.

The leading difference between working with the national populous compared with internationally, would be the language barrier. In spite of this many international clientele pay people to break-down the language barrier when seriously considering investment in another country.

Which one country dominates international real estate buyers in the US? Why China silly. You got that right, China retains a whopping 50% of the entire sales volume credited to foreign buyers and yes, regardless of all the variations between how business is undertaken in both countries and language.

With such a highly profitable real estate market in existence, how do you break in to it?

CPROP’s end-to-end electronic exchange management system is made to promote real estate agents to international prospects and encourage them to safely and transparently close deals.

Fundamentally it makes use of technology to streamline the sales process of service providers, from the start of a deal to conclusion. Below are 3 ways agents can take advantage of this massive opportunity.

Join a honest international platform

“Shifting our focus to catering to the international buyer was an easy one for us.” claims Mark Walburner.

Any real estate agents wanting to be participants in the international real estate community, need to begin their exploration by identifying online sites where potential buyers and sellers may meet up. Once found…be part of the discussion and gain trust in the community.

Keep in mind also that given your platform also features automatic translations, this may also be a big benefit.

Think trust and security

As the old saying goes, long-distance relationships hardly ever last, however in this case they can and do you basically have to prepare particularly in the case of dealing with multiple languages.

Fernando Lopez, a Costa Rica lawyer who specializes in real estate closings in that country.

Anyone seeking to buy real estate in a foreign country should first and foremost be concerned about their security in the transaction and therefore should have a competent attorney who’s astute in dealing with international buyers and sellers.

Two incredibly important points to consider when working in international real estate are security and trust. You will need to protect yourself and your buyer even while preserving the trust of the other person.

The planet recently has-been introduced to a great unique method of protecting transactions over the internet. Blockchain technology has permanently changed the way we exchange funds digitally. Any time a contract is completed and executed, it can be saved to the blockchain, making an immutable allotted ledger validated by a system of potentially thousands of computer systems, thus effectively blocking any undetected changes to a contract.

“Potentially among the best elements to working with blockchain technology is for deposits and payments kept in escrow.” says Armando Rodriguiz, a San Pancho, Mexico realtor.

Seek out responsible, successful alliance

One thing is closing offers within the country but it’s always a completely different thing when completing international buys and these deals need to have more care to ascertain a clean closing.”

Give me a chance to ask you something: at any given time are you aware, in real-time, the state of any of your prospects in your pipe?

All of this being said, wouldn’t you recognize that an all inclusive online digital transactions SaaS software built to satisfy international real estate transactions from beginning to end, be described as welcome improvement to all real estate brokers? Transactional transparency throughout any real estate transaction is valuable however pair that with a technology that can enhance your flow including ensuring security, would indefinitely alter the industry.

“My husband and I have for the past 10 years, invested, brokered and leased international real estate and without the help of digital currency and CPROP software, we’d have been lost.”

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Statistical view of Vancouver Real Estate in 2017

With the end of 2017, let’s look at the performance of Vancouver Real Estate market from a statistical point of view. Total dollar volumes, median sales price and new listings will be discussed here.

Although these numbers will not give you an exact idea of where the market stands currently, but it will showcase the overall summary of the year and will allow you to predict the trends heading into 2018.

Detached total Dollar Volume:

The dollar volume describes the total amount spent of purchases in Real Estate. According to stats, Vancouver’s total detached dollar volume was $6.4 billion in 2017, which is down from $8.6 billion from the previous year (2016) and it shows a 25% decline in the total Volume. This is further shown in the graph below.


Total Detached Sales:

2017 showed a significant cut down in detached sales which totaled 2,434. The number of sales in 2015 were 3,946, and it was 3,059 in 2016 so this year’s sales were 20% less from the prior year’s sales. A graph showing sales from 1998 to 2017 is as follows:


Total New Listings for 2017:

As you can see from the above statistics, 2017 was not the best year for Vancouver Real Estate but the downfall is not that significant and for the new listings that occurred in 2017, we saw a nominal 9% decline from the previous year. 2017 total listings totaled 5,578 which were 6,156 in 2016 and a graph showing the total listings from 1998 to 2017 is as follows:


Vancouver Condo Prices:

There was a significant in a Vancouver condo’s average sale price and median sales price. Average sales price increased by 13% to $849,712, while the median sales price saw an increase of 18% which totaled $695,000. A graph illustrating the stats from 1998 to 2107 is as follows:



The key take away from the stats shown above is the new listings which was almost record low levels in 2017 and the only reason for that could be the rising prices so every wants to hold on and wait for a better price to sell. The largest price increases might be behind us, so we should expect a steady market in 2018.…

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Top 3 Paint Colors That Will Make Your Home Irresistible to Buyers

So you know that you want to sell your home as soon as possible, but there is one step you haven’t taken in guaranteeing maximum returns and that is a great paint job. They say that first impressions are everything, and for good reason too. Think about it, the first thing a buyer sees is the color of your home, so make it effective and impressive. Check out the following colors and count your dollars as soon as it sells.



Although this is playing it safe, we can honestly say it might be one of the best ways to go. A white house is a crowd pleaser and makes your home look bigger, bringing light to a possibly shady and green area as well as generally looking clean and attractive.



Tan, brown, orange and even red can be very appealing colors when it comes to your homes exterior. These colors play well with greens and definitely associate with nature and you can complement the exterior by adding coffee toned wood paneling on the inside of the home.



Bringing elegance and refinement, gray tones will also translate to urban sophistication. If you keep with the gray colors on the inside of your home, you can take a leap of faith and add some bright furniture to bring out your trendy vibes.

There you have it friends! Now it’s up to you to get to the paint shop and consider which is the best color for you.…

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5 Best Vancouver Suburbs to Buy a House in 2017

Today we are bringing you the best suburbs to purchase your next home in when it comes to Vancouver. We take a look at all factors including safety, schooling, night life, shopping, employment and average price change on a yearly basis.


#1 Renfrew, Vancouver East

This is an area that is well known for the great community that it encompasses, compete with great schools, new buildings and reasonable prices.


#2 Vancouver Heights, Burnaby

You can get a glorious view of the city without the huge price tag that is often found in West Vancouver. The price change in the past five years has increased by over fifty percent which is fantastic for home owners.


#3 Hastings, Vancouver East

Hastings has really transformed in the past ten years offering the community members a fun night life, eclectic shops and excellent restaurants whilst still not transforming with the price tags of the homes available for purchase. The great thing about this suburbs is that there are a lot of spare locations that are undeveloped which gives great potential for appreciation in the future.


#4 Bentwood Park, Burnaby

There is a great amount of homes that are move in ready for potential buyers along with older homes that also have older homes which can be improved. The fantastic aspect of this area is that you can walk everywhere and the community is safe, which goes hand in hand with the incredibly schools on offer.


#5 Ambleside, West Vancouver

This is definitely one of the best places to purchase a home within Vancouver. In the past five years house values have risen over 75%m which is just amazing. The surrounding areas have homes that are approximately half a million dollars more expensive on average than the ones you find at Ambleside.

These are the best suburbs that you can find in terms of real estate when it comes to Vancouver. We think that you should check them out next time you are looking for your new home.…

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Increasing the Cost of Your Home in 5 Simple Steps

If you are thinking of putting your home on the market in the foreseeable future there are some steps that you can take in order to do this. Have a look at these five tips that will help you skyrocket that going price.





One of the cheapest and simplest ways to freshen your home up and make an instant improvement is by throwing a new splash of paint on it. Neutral hues tend to appeal to a larger audience, however do not shy away from a feature wall here and there to spice things up. This will bring up the value of your home from 1% to 3% at minimal out of pocket expenses.



The best place to start when it comes to home improvements is your kitchen as this will see the biggest return of the lot. No matter how big or small your improvement is, from a stained counter to a rusty and dated refrigerator this will make for huge value when the big day comes, increasing your homes potential value from 3% to 7%.



Have a look at investing in new soft flooring, investing in a new carpet or rug. Stained or ragged carpets will hugely impact on someone’s impression of your home. Always remember that you don’t need to purchase new items all the time so have a look online for some thrifty items.



Clutter equals mess. This doesn’t mean that you have to remove every single item from your home, but keeping things to a minimum is vital. It is important to note that not all clients enjoy your hobbies, pets or religions. This could potentially mean that you can have a 3% to 5% higher return than you otherwise would have.



There is nothing like a first impression leaving a lasting impact. It is also very hard to recover from a bad first impression and means you will have to work much harder to fix that. Clean up your yard and garden, keep your lawn tidy and replace that rusty mailbox. Taking pride in your exterior can bring about a potential return of 2% to 5%.

This is just the starting point to increasing the value of your home, but it is the start and you will be well on your way to a great sale by simply adapting a few of these.…

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